By Melanie Strickland to guarantee human rights it is necessary to recognise and defend the rights of Mother Earth and all beings in her and that there are existing cultures, practices and laws that do so  Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth A healthy planet Earth, one that is flourishing with life and […]

Environmental Consultant for New Scientist magazine and successful author, journalist Fred Pearce talked science with us at University College London and the state of Earth. A man who does not baulk at discussing controversial subjects but is open to the rational, our time in interviewing proved animated and at times vigorous.

Written by lawyer Nina Owen Ecocide means “the killing of our home” from the Greek “oikos” meaning “house” and “cide” meaning “kill/cut” from old French and Latin. The concept of Ecocide arose in the 70s when the international community became aware of the environmental devastation caused by the Vietnam War. Making Ecocide the 5th Crime […]

We caught up with Tom Appleby in Bristol on a boat that was still being built.  Ideal location given the topic involved fish!  Tom is a senior lecturer at University of West England, non-practising solicitor, member of the Steering Group of Marinet (a voluntary network of Friends of the Earth Local Groups tasked with managing […]

Underneath the threatening clouds and amidst the humidity we met Professor Molly Scott-Cato at the University of Roehampton. Academic, author and Economist Spokesperson for the Green Party, Molly talked incisively about the role of economics in our environmental crisis. Her understanding and support of a better model and the importance of bioregions were discussed. Let’s […]

Written by dedicated Animal Conservation student Arabela Vieira Deep Sea Trawling, or Bottom Trawling, is a method of target species fishing that drags enormous weighted nets across the sea floor at great depths. Its popularity grows as our water resources decline. Deep Sea Trawling is currently the most destructive form of fishing. The weighted chains […]

Lawyer, campaigner and author Polly Higgins created an international campaign to make Ecocide the 5th International Crime Against Peace.  Her passion, dedication and clear- sightedness has drawn admirers, supporters and converts.  In the blazing heat of Richmond Park, Polly and the crew sought solace in the shade of trees as she commented and discussed her […]